The difference between big women and skinny women

Women may think that all the men are the same, but in fact, the preferences of men are different from one person to another. Some people like slim girls, while others like big girls. What's the difference between BBW dating and skinny dating and what's their advantages and disadvantages? The answers are as follow:

Advantages and disadvantages of dating big girls

Curvy women always look cute, and their special eating habits even make them different from others. If you are a man like delicious food very much, you'd better choose to date a big girl. You can enjoy delicious food with the girl and never think about what or where to eat. If you date with a skinny girl, you need to choose the restaurant and food very carefully, because most of skinny girls are picky eaters.

If the girl is a big eater, you may don't want to date with her anymore. Eating and living with this kind of people you can easily get fatter and unhealthy. Being fat doesn't mean unhealthy, but being severely overweight may cause serious problems. So, you need to control your weight in a reasonable range.

BBW don't care about their appearance, they usually spend little time in making up and you don't need to wait them for a long time before a party. While, big girls are more likely to suffer from all kinds of illness and it may increase your budget and you need to spend much money on her treatment.

Advantages and disadvantages of dating skinny girls

It's surprised me much that more and more people like to date with big girls. Researches show that there are 30% men prefer to hookup date skinny girls in America and the United Kingdom, and only athletes prefer to skinny girls.

Skinny girls are strict with their shape and weight. They have a special eating habit and never change their eating style, so you need to have the same eating habit with them. After eating green salads and vegetables for a long time, you may feel boring and unhappy. Skinny girls often pay much attention on their apperance and very care about other people's opinion, so they will try their best to perfect themselves and what you need to do is do what they do and eat what they eat.

If you want to marry a skinny girl, you should also consider something like fertility. Girls who are too thin are always hard to get pregnant or more likely to have an unhealthy infant. Having a healthy baby is very important for a family. In order to have a healthy baby, you'd better choose a healthy wife.

It doesn't mean big girls are better than skinny girls or skinny girls better than big girls.

The aim of this article is not to make a decision for you, but to help you make a decision by showing the advantages and disadvantages of big girls and skinny girls. No matter big or skinny, just follow your heart and find someone you like.

My Dating Experience On The New Dating Tinder for Threesomes

It was not easy to step out of a threesome dating relationship that has been lasted for five years. But once you did it successfully, you will be granted another great chance to live a totally different life that you desire for. I am pretty sure of it because I am one of those women who choose to be myself and find things that can make me happy and satisfied.

My name is Alex. I had a boyfriend that I met six years ago. We have been together for more than five years. Then suddenly, he said that he wanted to leave me. Then he left without hesitation. I was helpless and even tried to hurt myself. After I have found my happiness in my life, I laughed at myself for what I might have done in the past.

When I woke up from that nightmare, all I wanted to do is enter back into the casual hookup arena. I wanted to try something unconventional and adventurous. So, I downloaded 3rder and it did help me a lot to find lots of kinky singles and couples to have three ways.

Place a personal profile with 3rder
3rder is one of the best tinder for threesome in this field that can make it really happen for kinky and open-minded singles and couples when they have something that needed to be fulfilled by finding someone for a three way. And it can be totally anonymous to look for like-minded matches nearby or around the world.

My picture that I chose to upload
At first, I only dared to upload my pictures with my face not completely clear. I thought it could help me keep safety and prevent someone I knew seeing me online. It is something that most people would love to have a try. But it should still keep low for your friends and families. After I start to trust someone, I will show them what I look like.

Introduce yourself and list your desires in details
You can be a little vague in your picture, but you cannot be unclear about yourself and your desires. I always know that a profile can allow others to know you better and help them to decide whether to contact you or not. So, just try to organize some discreet sentences with content that clearly show who you are and what you are looking for on 3rder, which will increase your chance greatly to meet more potential dates that meet your need.

Finding someone to talk is fun
It works like Tinder when I try to find someone to talk on this couples dating app. You just swipe right or swipe left to like or pass profiles showing on the screen. When you finished that, get to your list page and send messages to those you are really interested in.

Reasons Why Older Women Appeal to Younger Men in Nowadays

Women will become better and more attractive as time goes by time, just like wine. For many experienced women who have a typical female trait, which seems to fascinate younger men. There are several main reasons why men reckon it difficult to oppose experience cougar dating a mature woman than themselves.

They are independent and more established

More older women are reluctant to attach important to the men they date. They have their own careers. Whether cohabiting, setting a wedding date, or even having children, they all have their own plans. Their independence enables them to organize their lives. Moreover, there is no doubt that they know exactly what they need in overnight apartment without delay in keeping their men are under the sheets.

They have their priorities and actively pursue

Mature women are strong, positive and solid. They know precisely what they need. Men in their lives don't become their priorities, and men who date older women tend to do so. In cougar hookup dating relationship, commitment is not a necessary. And however, In the face of the people they like, more established women will take the initiative to pursue. Because they have the confidence that young women don't have, they approach them voluntarily, let men feel their power, and win their hearts.

Men like mature look and free relationship

As time goes by, both woman's appearance and heart become mature. A mature woman with a striking grin, she will grip the eyes of all men. In addition to dating, more men yearn for free and liberated relationships. Dating a seasoned woman will bring you a completely different enjoyment and experience. Seasoned women are willing to give you the opportunity and personal space. Only if you respect the dating rules between you, they will not act as young women who are aggressive.

They're good listeners with different perspectives.

Older women are more willing to listen than to talk. Perhaps younger men can turn to them for help when you encounter problem. Experienced women are smart enough to communicate with men in a lovely way. They will listen carefully to what you say and analyze the difficulties the men face. When a seasoned lady talk to man, she may give him a whole new and different perspective.

They are well aware of men's needs

Another vital reason why younger men like to date older women is that an older woman must have dated many types of men before. Therefore, unlike other young women, they understand men's needs and expectations. In addition, with their rich experience, young men can be aware of the needs of women, so young men become experienced as well. There is no doubt that older women must have experienced more various social challenges and trials than most young men. Older women are able to guide young people in a good way to help them face varieties of situations in the best way possible.

The above are the main reasons why most younger men like to date more established women.

Best Online Transsexual Dating Tips

Online dating is obvious and quite popular for so many reasons. Many couples met online and now they are living a very healthy and happy life. Gay dating, Threesome dating and transsexual dating are also getting benefits from these online dating sites and tips. There are many online dating websites and also many love guru’s that are sharing their expert advice for online dating. Online dating is quite very much popular, when we talk about online transgender dating, If you are dating or looking for a transsexual women to date for the first time, it’s quite sure that you don’t have any clue or idea about your transsexual date and how to approach or proceed further in your trans  dating. You need lots of efforts and skills to find your first ever transsexual date. Here in this article, you will read the best online transsexual dating tips that you can try to find your first transsexual hookup date and also when you are going out with your date for the first time. Here are the best but essential tips for transsexual dating.

Never think that every transsexual women is available and will go out for date with you – yes, its fact that each and every transsexual women is want to go out for a date and looking for perfect dating partner. But this really doesn’t mean that you are asking each and every transsexual woman you see online. This is clearly not going to work for you and never bring any positive revert. If you really looking for a transsexual date and you already registered yourself in one of the best online transsexual dating website, than instead of texting each and every profile, its best to check every profile first and know which one is quite the best match for you. This can easily be known by checking her likes, dislikes, hobbies or anything else that you think is must in your partner. If there any profile that matches exactly to your requirements and also you have something in common between you, than she is one of the perfect match for you and also you can see yourself that the chances of getting revert from other end will also increasing dramatically.

Once you find your online transsexual date via these online dating sites, it’s best to exchange your phone numbers before schedule a meeting with each other and first you can make sure that she is the perfect partner for you. Once you are quite confident and both are calling for over a month, than surely it’s time to meet and see each other.

Without wasting any time, finalize a place of meeting that is quite Trans friendly and also a public place, Try to make her comfortable and also show some respect to her.

Never ask anything that really hurt her and also ruin the opportunity to have a long term relationship with her. It’s best to talk about your future and feeling towards each other rather than asking or sharing your past dating experience.

Some tips about do's and don'ts when dating with BBWs

Finding a partner that you are interested in and want to spend the rest of life together is not an easy thing. If you really love a person, you will not think too much about her or his appearance, what you attach importance to are the person's inner things and the happy feelings when you guys stay together. Anyway, everyone has his own standard about choosing a partner. If you were a man and want to date with a plus size woman, using some useful strategies may do you a favor. And here i'm going to introduce some tips about do's and don'ts when have BBW dating .

Some do's. First of all, although BBW has big body shape, you can often praise her that she looks so beautiful and her body shape is good, it will make her very happy. Secondly, whenever you have a talk with her, you should look to her eyes. We all know that it is a kind of respect in our daily life, and on the other hand, it may give her a great impression. Thirdly, behave gently. Show your good manners when hookup date with a BBW is very essential, and of course, all women like gentleman. Fourthly, respect BBW in words and actions, because everyone needs respect. Fifthly, enjoy the time that you guys stay together. Telling her some funny things and make her feel delighted, also, tell her that you are fond of her companionship. Last but not least, you'd better take her home and make sure that she arrives home safely. If you have a car, you can drive her home. If not, you can just ask a taxi, and company her along the way. Some don'ts. To begin with, do not ask a BBW any unwise questions, for example, "what is your size?" That will make the BBW feel embarrassed. Secondly, do not make her feel that you are not interested in her. You have to chat with her sincerely and listen to her carefully when she tell something to you. Thirdly, do not judge her just according to her look, on the contrary, you should find her inner qualities. Fourthly, do not mind that she eats a lot of food, because that will make her feel a little bit embarrassed. Fifthly, do not leave without saying anything. At least, you need to say something about your date, it will be more polite.

To summary, if you know these tips well, i believe you can draw BBWs attention easily and will find your partner soon.

Six Tips and Tricks Help You Enjoy Being A BBW

Different women have different attitude to be a BBW. Some women have really hard time while gaining a little weight and having large hips and booty, BBW might be a curse for her. On the other hand, a lot of BBWs loving being overweight and treat it as the biggest goal.

However, despite the plus size, life can be pleasant in every possible way. The crucial point here its positive attitude and always loving yourself No matter what you become. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to enjoy being a BBW, it will helps you enjoy life better.

1.Be happy with the shape you are

In fact, the most important thing that you need to do is self-acceptance and loving yourself. If you can't accept your appearance or even dislike and avoid yourself, how can you spread the positive feelings on others? How can you expect other people respect you? If you think that you're just a chubby girl instead of an attractive positive girl. How can people see you as a charming girl?

2.Face up to yourself, don't try to become someone else

It is more likely to lead you to depression and problems with self-acceptance if you pretend to be someone else, especially in the virtual world of the internet. In fact, there are a lot people who are choosing someone's else photos and share them on the profile. But if someone will actually fall in love with you, it's certainly a bad thing that the person thinks you are a super skinny and sexy model. Actually you're not.

3.Ask your trainer how you can be a healthier type of shape and size person you already are

There is no doubt that even chubby people can be healthy. Remember, being healthy basis on your proper diet and lifestyle instead of how your body shape looks like. If you want to be a healthier person, you need to ask your doctor or trainer for advice. But it's a really difficult thing, don't try to change your XLL size into XS in a short time. You should prepare yourself for the thing that such lifestyle changes need a few years and pretty firm will.

4. Do not try to hide your body in oversize clothes

You need to learn to self-acceptance, love your appearance and shape and dress what makes you comfortable and sexy at the same time. If you are in a conventional country where is banning naked, it's might be a good idea of hiding your curves in oversize clothes. But if not, don't be afraid to show off your sexy curvy shape.

5.Do not care too much that you don't look like the women in popular magazines

Nobody is perfect and even the women in popular magazines. It doesn't mean that you are not charming if you don't look like a sexy and slim girls from Vogue. Don't judge others by their looks or shape and also don't let others judge you.

6.Hang out with like-minded people

Find a way to make friends in a community connected with plus size people. In fact, self-acceptance will be a much easier process if you make like-minded friends. Of course, you should make sure what people out there are willing to meet and chat with big beautiful women.

Being a BBW doesn't mean that you can't hookup date your ideal partner and have any life entertainment. Always be positive and proud of your curves, you will meet the right person.

How to look more feminine for transgender women and crossdressers?

Feminine movement is such an important part of your feminine image. It really doesn't matter how beautiful you are, if you walk like a guy, or like over-the top drag queen, it's going to be pretty obvious that things aren't what they seem. Here are three eminine movement mistakes that trans hookup women and crossdresser should avoid.

1. Overexaggerating your hip movements

Everybody knows that women sway their hips when walk, but you should avoid overexaggerating your hip movements, so don't force your to swing. This almost never looks natural, instead a really simple solution is to put on a pair of high heels, heels naturally cause your hip to sway without you having to force the the movement. The key is to relax your body and go with the flow.

2. Being too stiff

Genetic male naturally have tensor bodies than women, but if your body is tense, your movements are going to look stiff and masculine. The secret of fluid feminine movements is to relax your body, so be very careful not to tense your shoulders or your lower back when you are in them. Another great tip is to stretch and get massages to help release built-up tension, this really will have a big impact on your movements.

3. Sticking your chest out

Arching your back and sticking your chest out might look sexy in photos, or when you are posing in front of the mirror, but real women don't walk around like that, instead keep your back straight and cool your shoulder down and back, this opens up the chest and makes you look confident and feminine without looking ridiculous.

4. Hands position

The hands on hip pose will enlarge your body visually. Draw your elbows back, show your nails and turn your head a bit. Don't squeeze waist, instead place your hands gently on your waist. Keep an eye on the position of your hands, avoid flat and tensed hands or elbows. Touch your cheek lightly with fingertips and open your mouth slightly to look attractive. Slightly bow your head to one side and put one hand on the waist to emphasize the shape of the body.

5. Facial expression

Don't make your eyes big, just bend your head a little and relax your eyebrows. Don't squint your eyes, don't hide your face behind your hands, don't make your post closed show your waistline. Avoid sullen look that makes you look unfriendly, and too cautious.

Don't raise your chin too much. Hands should always be relaxed, no siitups or other body movements, it will make you look tense and unnatural. Shift the body weight on one foot and relax your arms for a full length picture.
These tips are very important for trans women and crossdressers. We know that transgender women and crossdressers don't really know how to look more feminine like the real women. If you are a trans woman, or a MTF crossdresser, you can read these tips carefully, I'm sure they can help you a lot.