How to look more feminine for transgender women and crossdressers?

Feminine movement is such an important part of your feminine image. It really doesn't matter how beautiful you are, if you walk like a guy, or like over-the top drag queen, it's going to be pretty obvious that things aren't what they seem. Here are three eminine movement mistakes that trans hookup women and crossdresser should avoid.

1. Overexaggerating your hip movements

Everybody knows that women sway their hips when walk, but you should avoid overexaggerating your hip movements, so don't force your to swing. This almost never looks natural, instead a really simple solution is to put on a pair of high heels, heels naturally cause your hip to sway without you having to force the the movement. The key is to relax your body and go with the flow.

2. Being too stiff

Genetic male naturally have tensor bodies than women, but if your body is tense, your movements are going to look stiff and masculine. The secret of fluid feminine movements is to relax your body, so be very careful not to tense your shoulders or your lower back when you are in them. Another great tip is to stretch and get massages to help release built-up tension, this really will have a big impact on your movements.

3. Sticking your chest out

Arching your back and sticking your chest out might look sexy in photos, or when you are posing in front of the mirror, but real women don't walk around like that, instead keep your back straight and cool your shoulder down and back, this opens up the chest and makes you look confident and feminine without looking ridiculous.

4. Hands position

The hands on hip pose will enlarge your body visually. Draw your elbows back, show your nails and turn your head a bit. Don't squeeze waist, instead place your hands gently on your waist. Keep an eye on the position of your hands, avoid flat and tensed hands or elbows. Touch your cheek lightly with fingertips and open your mouth slightly to look attractive. Slightly bow your head to one side and put one hand on the waist to emphasize the shape of the body.

5. Facial expression

Don't make your eyes big, just bend your head a little and relax your eyebrows. Don't squint your eyes, don't hide your face behind your hands, don't make your post closed show your waistline. Avoid sullen look that makes you look unfriendly, and too cautious.

Don't raise your chin too much. Hands should always be relaxed, no siitups or other body movements, it will make you look tense and unnatural. Shift the body weight on one foot and relax your arms for a full length picture.
These tips are very important for trans women and crossdressers. We know that transgender women and crossdressers don't really know how to look more feminine like the real women. If you are a trans woman, or a MTF crossdresser, you can read these tips carefully, I'm sure they can help you a lot.