The difference between big women and skinny women

Women may think that all the men are the same, but in fact, the preferences of men are different from one person to another. Some people like slim girls, while others like big girls. What's the difference between BBW dating and skinny dating and what's their advantages and disadvantages? The answers are as follow:

Advantages and disadvantages of dating big girls

Curvy women always look cute, and their special eating habits even make them different from others. If you are a man like delicious food very much, you'd better choose to date a big girl. You can enjoy delicious food with the girl and never think about what or where to eat. If you date with a skinny girl, you need to choose the restaurant and food very carefully, because most of skinny girls are picky eaters.

If the girl is a big eater, you may don't want to date with her anymore. Eating and living with this kind of people you can easily get fatter and unhealthy. Being fat doesn't mean unhealthy, but being severely overweight may cause serious problems. So, you need to control your weight in a reasonable range.

BBW don't care about their appearance, they usually spend little time in making up and you don't need to wait them for a long time before a party. While, big girls are more likely to suffer from all kinds of illness and it may increase your budget and you need to spend much money on her treatment.

Advantages and disadvantages of dating skinny girls

It's surprised me much that more and more people like to date with big girls. Researches show that there are 30% men prefer to hookup date skinny girls in America and the United Kingdom, and only athletes prefer to skinny girls.

Skinny girls are strict with their shape and weight. They have a special eating habit and never change their eating style, so you need to have the same eating habit with them. After eating green salads and vegetables for a long time, you may feel boring and unhappy. Skinny girls often pay much attention on their apperance and very care about other people's opinion, so they will try their best to perfect themselves and what you need to do is do what they do and eat what they eat.

If you want to marry a skinny girl, you should also consider something like fertility. Girls who are too thin are always hard to get pregnant or more likely to have an unhealthy infant. Having a healthy baby is very important for a family. In order to have a healthy baby, you'd better choose a healthy wife.

It doesn't mean big girls are better than skinny girls or skinny girls better than big girls.

The aim of this article is not to make a decision for you, but to help you make a decision by showing the advantages and disadvantages of big girls and skinny girls. No matter big or skinny, just follow your heart and find someone you like.