What Makes Online Casual Hookup Dating Better?

People are always looking for perfect casual dating experience but they will soon realize that the reality is harsh. People don’t often get along well with their partners and I am just one of them. A few days ago, I ended a relationship with disappointment but I will back to another very soon. Yes, I love this way of life and I also started thinking about the question that what can make a FWB relationship work for me better?

If you like one night stand, you will find one randomly and the next day you may find another one as your partner. It has a clear different from casual hookup life is that you never date the same person for twice. When you are in a casual hook up relationship, you may keep it for one or two months or ever longer, rare though.

However, these two forms of hookups do have one thing in common, which is that no one will come out with the idea of making it something serious. If there, I can surely say that the relationship is going to break up, without any chance of moving to a promising future. So, never try to bring something real into both one night stand or casual hookup dating and learn the following two things to ensure you're on a quality date right now.

Keep your head. The first and the only rule is, no alcohol. Never make yourself involved in an intercourse when you are drunk because you will never know what a person your partner is. You are putting yourself at great risk, which may have many serious consequences. And what’s even worse, you won’t remember what happened. I am sure I have ever had a few similar experiences like this but I cannot tell you details since I cannot remember them at all. Therefore, I will always make it a priority to stay sober if I am planning a hookup tonight.

Make the best to make it good. As you can see, a good casual hookup experience won’t come to you of its own accord and that’s why we should make the best to make it good. Perhaps it is true that having hookups with strangers is just a tool to fulfill their sexual desires, but it doesn’t mean that it is the matter can be treated with dissincerity. When you need something, you call your partner; When you don't need them, you let them go. Remember, your partner does not give you an easy way out. On the contrary, you should treat your partner with a serious attitude, because this is the second secret of the perfect date.

These are just two of the things I can imagine we can do to have a great date with our partner. If you have any other thoughts, you can leave them in the comments section directly, or you can reach out to me on the Xdate app. I would like to have a further discussion with you.