Rules you need to know when dating transgender women

While you put yourself on a trans dating app, you go out of your comfort zone in hope of meeting someone who’s special and compatible. However, you find it extremely hard to run into one of those transgender girl who match your ideal picture in your mind. Thus you keep asking yourself why. So why is your dating life with a ts girl doesn’t live up to your expectation? The answer is clear and simple, the problem lies in you. You are the so called Mr. Uninformed and Mr. Inexperience who has been keeping annoying the t girl without any self consciousness. If you are reading the articles, you still want to make a change on a transgender app. Here are a few transgender dating rules that can help you tremendously when it comes to optimize your dating life.

Have transgender related questions? Check Internet.

So you are dating a transgender men or transgender girl, which doesn’t mean that he or she is an expert in all the trans related issues. Being a transgender, crossdressing man, ladyboy, shemale or tomboy is only one of the thousands of traits that make your partner unique. Don’t give off the image that they are being taken for the representative for the whole LGBTQ group. Treat your transgender date with respect first as any other individual. Firstly, she’s a passionate writer who is crazy about detective fictions. secondly, your ts date loves Chinese food way more than greasy hamburgers. Lastly, her name is Kalley Jane and she happens to be a transgender girl.

The worst thing you can do is to over sexualize your partner.

So let’s admit the fact that your ts date is somehow different from the better part of people in the world in some part of their physical parts. however, some people tend to over sexualize their partner out of pure ignorance. Always keep in mind that your partner is supposed to be your soulmate who shares the joy as well as sorrows in the life instead of a sexual unicorn. I understand that it can be quite a touchy topic at some point, but you will need to learn to respect the differences first to enter a relationship with them.

Do what you would always do.

Last but not least, let’s get to the essential of dating: it is all about seeking happiness and joy. So what is the point if you can’t express yourself fully and completely when dating someone. Whenever transgender people are concerned, we tend to think how different they are compared to us, which all boils down to how each and everybody defines himself or herself. Thus don’t ever treat your partner differently just because of their different sexuality. Do what you would always do: watch movie, do dishes, have a candle lit dinner and take your ts hookup out for sightseeing.